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Can You Change Jobs During PR Application In Singapore?

Life changes all the time. Perhaps you had applied for your Singapore permanent residency 2 months ago when you were at your current job. However, just last week you received a headhunted opportunity by another company for you and now you want to switch company, but perhaps you are worried that if you change job at this juncture, you may jeopardize what is very important to you – your PR application. However, it is a great career leap for you! So which one should you do?

Well, first of all, if you actually engaged an actually good immigration consultant, they will have advised on this matter already, or when you ask them about it. Nonetheless, if you have winged your PR application this whole time by yourself, you really should start to consider using a professional PR application agency in Singapore.

Is this changing of jobs a career leap?

As you possibly already guessed, the higher your income, the more stable your employment and earnings, and the more reputable the company you are with, the higher the chances of your PR application status approval, among other factors, as explained further here in this article.

Therefore, just by changing companies or jobs, you are already showing that your employment is less stable.

However, if your earnings and salary will go up significantly, then yes it is probably perhaps even beneficial for your PR status approval by switching companies or jobs.

Or, perhaps it is a similar income level, but from a small to a significantly larger and reputable international company. In such a case, it is probably reasonable for you to still expect this change to not affect your application. Of course, find a professional permanent residency immigration consultant in Singapore if you want more details.

If this is a horizontal jump in terms of your position, and it is also to another similar company, then you are strongly recommended against doing this. Because by doing this, you will decrease the stability of your employment in the eyes of the Singapore ICA government office, and perhaps lower chances of permanent residence success.

Will anyone else put in your position also change company like you are planning to?

This is a great question and way to figure out if you should do something. If any reasonable man placed in your shoes will also effect that career change, then you doing so will be unlikely to impact you negatively. This is also closely tied to the points I had mentioned in the previous paragraphs.